"Your Low-Maintenance Source for Metal Castings" 

 We are Foundry Representatives:

Serving OEMs in a wide range of industries

Specializing in technical sales and service of custom metal castings 

You can benefit from our:

Diversified engineering and manufacturing experience with OEMs

Full spectrum of casting processes and metals from our principal foundries

Assistance with new casting design, applications engineering, and design review

Help in converting forgings, fabrications, or machined hog outs, into castings

We assist OEMs with new product development, redesign cost reduction, and other product enhancing programs. Our customers benefit from cost effective casting designs, coupled with production castings from proven foundries who use advanced technologies and quality systems.

Marion L. Potterfield is the principal. His background includes a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering followed by eighteen (18) years with manufacturing companies where he held management positions in Engineering, Sales, Quality Assurance, and Manufacturing. In 1990 he left private employment and formed POTTERFIELD & ASSOCIATES to provide custom metal castings to manufacturers in the United States.

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