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Include copies of all drawings, and any proprietary specs called out by the drawings, and send to: 

P.O. Box 870
Buffalo,WY 82834

Alternatively you can e-mail the RFQ to us.  Please call for an email address.  Attach the drawings and specs to the email. Preferred formats for attached electronic files are: .igs and .pdf.  We can open many other formats too, and will contact if we have trouble with yours.

If the electronic files are too large for e-mail attachments, you can upload them to your FTP site, and then e-mail us instructions for downloading them. Please include the following information in the RFQ document:

Date of RFQ
Due Date for Quote
Company Name
City, State, and Zip Code
Your office phone number
Your fax number
E-mail Address

Below is additional information needed for each part in order for the foundry to provide accurate and prompt quotes. If this information is included on the drawing, then it is not necessary to repeat it in the RFQ document.

Part or drawing number
Material specification (example: ASTM B26, alloy 356-T6 aluminum)
Preferred casting process
Annual usage and expected release quantities
Weight of part in pounds
Tooling description if you plan to transfer tooling. Or indicate that you want new tooling quoted.
Indicate the types of secondary processing you would like quoted, such as machining, surface finishing, assembly, etc. Be sure to include any proprietary specs governing these secondary processes.
Please Contact Us with questions, or for more specific information.